Who or what is EmberBOT?

In short a Smart Bot™. Ember is work in progress discord bot with aim to create a multiplatform bot that can entertain, learn, answer questions and be generally helpful. Extra emphasis is given to gamers around Massive Planetary Wargame Em-8ER where we are at home.

Fun Features

Ember sports jokes, memes, and cat pics. And what about a friendly match in math, trivia, or hangman? Just for fun, or perhaps accompanied by leaderboards and rules?

Knowledge Base

Ember taps into several knowledge engine APIs and can provide answer to all kinds of questions!

Language Understanding

Ember knows English, so no matter how you phrase your queries, they will be understood.

Multiplatform Access

Currently only Discord is supported. More platforms planned.

Continuous Delivery

Development is fun, deploying what was developed is even more fun. So we do that immediately, hopefully without too many 🐞.


You want it, we will think about add it. Listening closely to feedback of users is very important to us.

... want to get technical?

.NET Core Framework

EmberBot runs on the latest .NET Core runtime, fast, cross-platform, free and open-source managed software framework from Microsoft.

Scalable OpenNebula VPS

Hosted on HPE Moonshot hardware with largest provider in Czech Republic and powered by popular Linux distribution Ubuntu, open source operating system from Canonical.

Asynchronous & Modular

The website and every standalone module that powers EmberBot platform run in a multithreaded asynchronous environment, no delays and no queues.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017

Multiplatform, breakthrough scalability, performance, and availability for mission-critical, intelligent applications and data warehouses.

Availability Monitoring

A lot of effort is put into keeping uptime as close to 100% as possible. Any downtime is immediately reported and acted upon.

Low Budget

Using free and open source technologies we cut maintenance and license fees to a bare minimum allowing us to spend more on development.