• Web Commands page reworked with usage examples and other information

    Almost all the metadata information is now loaded directly from code so documentation should stay in sync with implementation.

  • Discord NEW! thank command

    When people do good, let them know they rock.

  • Discord UPDATED! about command

    Will now show permissions granted to bot in current channel.

  • Discord UPDATED! userinfo command

    Will now show permissions granted to user in current channel.

  • Discord UPDATED! query command

    If no answer found, error will be in the form of a reaction.

  • General Moved from Windows to Linux environment

    Cheaper, more stable, more secure, easier to maintain.

  • Web Updated Introduction page to reflect technical changes
  • Web Updated Commands page with accordion, which will provide more details for each command SOON™
  • Web Updated Services page with different kind of accordtion, which will provide more details for each service SOON™
  • Discord NEW! blame command

    People screw up, let them know how much.

  • Discord NEW! guildinfo command

    Prints out information about a current or a specific guild.

  • Web Stats page gets Discord API latency and modified graph
  • FF Credit It's dead Jim

    It's been hell of a ride, but all good things come to an end. Check out Founder program recap page for final stats.

  • Web Updated and streamlined site design and content

    Not like old design wasn't pretty, I just like to keep things fresh!

    • Discord Widget: Broken -> Fixed (known issue: no realtime message updates)
    • Stats: Redesigned to show relevant and interesting stats
    • Services NEW!: Guide to various services server managers can utilize
  • Discord Added discord status command

    When things aren't running very smooth with your discord, quickly check for official statement.

  • Web NEW! Reworked Stats section

    It was left as unfinished template for way too long.

    • User reach now shows total number of users visible to bot, compared to currently online users
    • Implemented bot response tracking
    • Uptime and first iteration of response times added (more enhancements planned)
  • FF Credit Clarified link step that there is no need to do anything on Em-8ER forums

    Hopefully this change will prevent any further unnecessary profile links as statuses.

  • FF Credit Reworked Troubleshooting FAQ

    Should better communicate what packs are eligible for reward.

  • FF Credit Added banner and special offer

    Because it's something you don't want to miss out on.

  • Discord Temporary fix to logs

    Embeds although nice looking are breaking mentions atm. Reverting to text until fixed.

  • Discord NEW! Responses to commands collapsed under reactions

    Some people complained about commands being too spammy. In reaction to this feedback added option to collapse bot responses under reactions, applied by administrators on per channel basis! To get response to a command just click the bot's reaction and you'll receive it by DM.

    • Reactions from bot will be easy to discern with these custom made icons

      Successful response

      Unknown command

      Bad parameters

      No permission

      Error / Timeout

  • Discord NEW! Reimplemented WolframAlpha queries

    Long timers remember this useful feature, it went through a grinder and came out shining new.

  • Em-8ER Discord Sanitized #devtracker to not include mentions to users

    This is long overdue fix. When dev mentioned user, it would unnecessarily create secondary echo in devtracker.

  • Discord Gutted Fixed userinfo command

    Position feature on this command was more of a bug than feature and beside showing inaccurate numbers it also errored whole command. AAAAND IT'S GONE!

  • Discord NEW! Added support for commands

    Laid down foundation for proper command support.

    • Web Added Commands section and implemented several commands

      This will list all the available commands, their availability may change without prior notice.

    • Discord Implemented cleanup for responses whenever their invoking command is deleted by author

      This will let those who typed commands to cleanup after themselves.

  • Em-8ER Discord Permanently disabled announcer for Grummz

    It had a good run, but since Grummz usually starts with @everyone mention to announce something cool, there is no need for bot to do a secondary ping.

  • Discord Fixed discord link preview duplicate

    Previously bot was checking if message with a link has Discord embedded preview, but because some sites load slowly, check sometimes happened before Discord fetched the preview and therefore bot did a secondary preview. Newly bot checks if author has permission for embedding links (which is a requirement for previews) and now can anticipate if discord provides preview before it actually happens.

  • General Improved performance and response times of everything

    Many tasks were running unnecessarily on the main thread creating blocking queue, now they are fired & forgotten on their own threads.

  • General Unified versioning scheme

    Fixed version shown on widget and in other places.

  • Web Fixed discord widget showing empty messages when there is no raw text content
  • 2017-05-27 Removed ghosts from .userinfo command, position should show correctly now.
  • Web NEW! Added Changelog section 😝

    For versioning scheme I opted to simple incremental publish number, because why not?

  • Discord NEW! Added support for embeds

    Embeds look like blockquotes and offer different style for information display. Among useful features are user mentions which don't ping users, icons, links and timestamps.
    Required permission: Embed Links

    • Implemented for link preview and logging services
    • If permission is missing bot will fallback to regular text
  • Discord Bot won't preview links that include default Discord preview.

    To trigger bot preview where default one would normally kick in, wrap links in < and > (ex. <https://foobar.xyz>).

  • Discord Extended logs to support voice channels (no audio recording, just who was present where and when)