Founder credit program no longer offered

Firefall forums are gone and so is our ability to verify founders and veterans. We apologize to all the veterans and founders who didn't manage to claim their rewards in time, but there is nothing we can do about it anymore.

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Rewards were awarded to Em-8ER accounts and can be found under "My Packages".
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Firefall Founder’s Credit Program for Em-8ER Recap

2017-01-20 ... 2017-07-25

The Em-8ER team recognized many Firefall vets backed a vision of the game that Red 5 Studios never delivered. While Em-8ER is not associated with Firefall or Red 5 Studios, we are in many ways Firefall’s spiritual successor and as a token of our appreciation for the early support of the original, true, Firefall vision, we offered a FULL CREDIT of Firefall founder's packs and little something for veterans as well.

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Final program stats

Total rewards:


Days running:

182 days (6 months)

Number of claimers:


Manually verified founders:


Manually verified but not eligible:


Xeevis' hairloss (wut?):

OVER 9000

Distribution of rewards

TierClaimedTotal $
Veterans ($10)3068¤30,680.00
Ensigns ($20)594¤11,880.00
Lieutenants ($50)322¤16,100.00
Commanders ($100)1812¤181,200.00